Pilates improves both your mind and body through a unique method.  A few of the benefits are an increase in flexibility, core strength, toned muscles and will improve posture.  Stress levels and toxins in the body will also reduce through movement and breath.  It teaches body awareness and strengthens the body from the inside out.   Pilates creates a balance of muscle and movement by treating the center of the body – the Powerhouse – the meeting point of all the extremities.  It is a weight bearing exercise that will help maintain bone density.  The Breath is improved by increasing oxygen intake and expanding the lungs which increases lung capacity to generate more oxygen throughout the body and decreasing toxicity in the body.  Healthy circulation allows the body to operate at its full potential. The Pilates Method increases circulation in the body which helps boost energy. Pilates is an internal massage for the body.


Joseph Pilates was born in Germany, 1883. His childhood ailments created a weak body that resulted in bullying and fueled his passion for fitness. He used a discarded anatomy book to learn the muscles and studied the movement of animals.

Contrology was developed after teaching his methods to others. He taught self defense to soldiers in WWII camps. When transferred to another camp with bedridden soldiers, he attached their bed springs to the frames to create a way patients could strengthen themselves. The apparatus known as “the Cadillac” was born. During this time, in 1918, the pandemic influenza virus killed an estimated 50 million people, yet none of the students of Contrology were effected. Almost 100 years later, Joseph Pilates’ original vision to align the spine to achieve optimal health remains.