PUREformance Pilates is a private/semi-private studio that works with each body specifically to connect it through Contrology and to gain the full potential of what Pilates can do in the body.  Please email or call to schedule a private.  Classes will be created upon demand and level of students.  Please contact us for more information at [email protected] or 602.377.0604.

PUREform *Wall Unit Classes

PUREform *Wall Unit Classes are fun and friendly, suitable for all levels but still very challenging. The class has a full mat routine including arm and leg springs, rollback and push through bars.  Its a great conditioning class that not only improves flexibility but also firms and tones the abs and glutes.  Your core is the center of your powerhouse. Pilates improves the efficiency of other workouts. Come join us for 55 minutes of precision, focus, and payoff.



Private/Duet – Individualized pilates that focuses on your specific needs.  It is encouraged before starting the PUREform Classes that you have a private or a duet.  Privates and duets will maximize your class experience by teaching you to feel more connected through The Reformer* and Cadillac*.


Pilates is known for its effect on the “core” (the muscles of the abdomen and back), but it benefits the entire body. You will feel and look better everywhere!

Men, women, competitive athletes, retirees, models, teenagers, once-a-week exercisers: everyone can do Pilates.

*Wall Unit – An apparatus designed by Joe Pilates which includes using the resistance of springs to connect to your core through constant feedback.

*The Reformer – A platform that moves back and forth along a carriage providing resistance and the body weight of the user. The springs that are attached to the reformer give constant feedback to the spine creating a mind, body, spirit connection.  The GRATZ equipment allows you to do the work, it doesn’t do the work for you.

*The Cadillac – An extended version of the wall unit including trapeze and other devices to help build strength and flexibility.